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My wife worked out my plan

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My wife managed to work out my cunning plan

A day off work

So, during the August month of school holidays I usually book a day or two off each week (apart from next week) and a full week off so we can go away somewhere. So, today I am on one of those days off which is nice. My wife turned round to me and suggested we go and finish off the school uniform shop, with the exception of shoes – though that maybe something to do soon too.

So, I turned around and said: “Why don’t we go to the nice big Asda down in Poole town”.  This went down well and we continued with breakfast for us and the kids.

The plan was worked out

Breakfast finished and we started to do the cleaning up. Cereal on the floor, changing of clothes for my son and generally getting ready. My wife was vacuuming up the cereal my son had managed to drop and stopped. She turned round to me and said “You little bugger. I know why you wanted to go to the Asda in Poole town. Its because there’s a Costa next door!”.

Damn, my plan was figured out. Yes, indeed. My thought was – school uniform followed by a nice cheeky coffee break with possible cake.

I’m a coffee addict. I know it. My wife knows it and my kids love it as they see cakes cakes cakes.

The plan will continue…

But that’s it. The plan is in motion. We will be clothes shopping. We will be coffee drinking.. and then, maybe some nice time out in the sun.

Are you a coffee lover too? What’s your favourite coffee place? Is it a big corporate or a small independent? Why not share it below.

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