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Why I started

When I started this site I had a kind of an idea in my head. I wanted to share my experiences with you in the changing life we have with our son who has ASD. This hasn’t changed, but it could be at risk of talking about the negative aspects.

Now, we all k ow that there are negative aspects in our lives, with or without ASD. It’s not negative to be diagnosed so I don’t want this blog to come across that way if you see what I mean. So, a change of focus is the plan.

Focus Change

I say a change in focus, it’s not too much if a change really. What I want to try and so is a kind of a lifestyle blog.

There are many things we do as a family, something’s are more tricky or take more planning. These things are most likely the same as what you and many others do.

So I wanted to do a lifestyle, positive flow of a family living on the South Coast of England who also happens to have a son diagnosed with ASD a son well as his older sister, who isn’t diagnosed.

I hope to show that life down here is fun and interesting, that there’s lot to do, and a lot to photo of course.

Please Stick With Us

So, please bear with me while I try to figure this out. I hope to post more, even if it’s just a bunch of images of places we have been.

On that note, I’ll leave you with a featured image I took a week ago. It was taken in Swanage, Dorset and in my mind, shows what a lovely day is like.

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