Playing with Gloop

Messy play with some gloopy stuff

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Most kids seem to love messy play, not all of them I know, but my kids certainly do. The messier the better it seems. Of all the stuff they remember how to make from school, it’s the messy ones that make it back. Certainly, my daughter could only remember the messy play with some gloopy stuff lesson.

Making Gloop

Making Gloop

Today, its some gloopy stuff made from cornflour and water.

It all began at school

It seems at school last week, for some reason they decided to use some cornflour and water and produce some gloopy substance. My daughter loved it. She was recalling to us with how gloopy it was and fun. Then how it went all hard and solid. It’s funny how most kids love the messy stuff.

She loved it so much, she had to try and make as much mess as possible; that could be my words; make it at home, so she could play with it as well as including her brother, or as I refer to him – little Mr.

The thing is its cornflour. You know it’s going to get messy, but your never prepared (strangely??) how much mess there can be. Now, I happened to log on to work for that short time (funny timing) so the next time I saw my wife (and daughter) – which was about 10 minutes later – there was a mess all on them, the floor, the table. Cornflour all over the place.

That said, my daughter was in her element, as you can probably see from the images.

Gloop is fun

Gloop is fun

How do you make it again?

If you want to try and make this much mess, I mean gloopy stuff. It’s simply cornflour and water. Simple make, simple play, lots of mess. That’s my crafting post of the week, how to have m.essy play with some gloopy stuff

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