Climbing stacked wooden blocks

Leaning new skills and putting them to play

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We’ve now found that we can’t hide things away up high to get them out of our Mikey’s eye level.

Hiding away all the sweet stuff

So, Little Mr. is not a short child. At 4 he’s about 1 meter tall; so we can’t put things out of the way on something like the middle of a table or the kitchen side.

We would put sweet stuff up higher, at least out of his eye or reach level. This would mean that out of sight and out of mind. At least it used to be that way.

What’s changed?

Like many children with Autism and a Learning disability; Pre-school has targets to meet; to try and educate. One of those for our son was to do with stacking blocks.

So, first, it was to stack a couple of blocks. This progressed up to more blocks over the last few months and moved into stacking real objects. He’s done well with this, which we are immensely proud of. He’s also, over this period, become more interactive with us as well as being a cheeky young child.

We love this side. We love the extra vigour and confidence. We have found one side effect, though; well if you can call it a side effect of course.


He’s been quite climbing now for the last year. However, with his new found skill of stacking objects, this means he stacks and climbs. This means that the unreachable sweet stuff has now become reachable. Doh.. He’s figured out how to get to it.

We are immensely proud of him, figuring out the puzzle of how to reach. But it does mean we now have to think of the next solution.

New skills

These new skills he has learned, which he also used to make stepping stones out of wooden blocks and climbing steps, is something we would never have realized without the great work his pre-school does. It gives us hope that he can learn more when he goes to school in the Autumn, we are looking for special schools.

What we have realized is that with work he can learn. We’re hoping that this will spread to him speaking someday. But I share this with you, someone who may be in the same place we were several months ago, to give you hope that with the correct help, your child can learn.

Something new each day

We also see something new each day. As I say, this blog is really for me to talk, vent, share our experience. I hope that anyone who does stop by to read can now that they are not alone. Know that things do progress, but it does take work as we are finding out.

But you can feel so chuffed with your child does something new. We do each time.

Bye for now

It’s time for me to head off. I need to go grab Mikey as he is trying to climb up to the TV ๐Ÿ™‚ ย .. until next time everyone.


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