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It’s All About The Mixer

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In my time in lockdown, out of work and trying to keep busy; I found myself reconnecting with 2 things I had forgotten and taken for granted.

The first was enjoying time in the garden, running around with the kids – just being silly. Water pistols and high noon, or around 2:15pm to be more precise.

The second was backing.

It soon became apparent we kneaded a mixer

The love of baking

Now, I have never been one of these fancy bakers. I used to love cooking cakes and deserts when younger – but they were more rustic in style (let’s call it). Certainly tasting better than they looked.

Over the years I had forgotten the joy of baking some biscuits or a cake to eat.

During lockdown though, through a combination of lower income and not being able to get to the shops – I discovered again the fun of backing.

It started with some shortbread biscuits, which soon escalated into a Victoria sponge and some flapjacks.

I found looking for more recipes to try. 

More importantly, I found that the kids loved the cakes – even more so than any shop bought one that we usually had on a Sunday afternoon after a good old Sunday roast.

Tired of hand mixing

During all this time thought I was mixing each recipe up by hand. Burning off almost as many calories that I was putting in. 

Some cakes were easy – some were tasking on the shoulder and arms. It soon became apparent we kneaded (pun intended) a cake mixer. 

So, I decided it was time to invest in a mixer – something I had thought of many times previous.

Cake Stand Mixer
Cake Stand Mixer

Now, picking up a mixer during lockdown when everyone else was baking was not easy. It was simple enough to order it online – but took nearly 2 months to arrive. 

However, it now has. It’s sitting on the kitchen worktop with flour, eggs, sugar and other essential with in arms reach. It’s now time to get serious.

In our cupboard we already have plain and self raising flours, yeast, baking powder and plenty of sweet bits. On my next delivery we are hoping to get bread flour and bi-carbonate of soda. It’s time for trying to bake bread. Time for cookies and various other delicious bits.

It’s time to get baking…

Lockdown has given me a new passion and even with soon starting back to work – I will be finding time in my schedule (which is not easy with little Mr and not so little Miss) to cook more home baked cakes and stay away from the shop stuff… and bread too with any luck of course.

Did you re-discover something during lockdown?

What about you. Did you re-discover a passion during lockdown? If so, why not share it below as I would love to hear from you.

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