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How I read (listen) to Kindle books

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I’ll let you into my little secret. I’ll tell you how I can get through a Kindle book a day, or two. I can even get through them while I am working. My secret is, I don’t read them myself, I get them read to me.

How do I get them read to me?

So, there are some fantastic tools these days. These tools are designed for people who have some visual impairment, but they work fantastic for anyhow. Text to speech will read the text to you.

Now, I begin with saying that this functionality is much easier on an iPhone than on Android. The iPhone makes it easier to start up, it keeps the screen from switching off and it can be started at any point without having to start it and do, what I like to call, the screen slide.

How do I do this on the iPhone

How do you start this functionality on the iPhone? Well, first you have to activate it. To do this you have to :

Launch the Settings app from the Home screen of your iPhone. Next, Scroll down and towards the bottom and tap on Accessibility. Tap on the Speak Selection option and turn it to On. You can further customize the speed at which your iPhone reads the text and the dialect it uses.

This can also be done on the iPad.

When you want to have your book read to you. Launch Kindle, goto the book and page. Then, using 2 fingers, scroll down from the top of the screen. The phone will start reading to you.

How do I do this on Android

So, with Android, I found it a little more fiddly. For a start, once you have turned on text to speech it’s on all the time and for everything. However, you can turn on “Accessibility Shortcut” to make it easy to turn on and off at the points you want it to start.

I’ll let you look up on how to set that and how to start it as its different for different phones. For example, on phones with a home button, it may be holding that for X number of seconds. On phone like mine, it’s holding the power, then put 2 fingers on screen for X time.

The real fun is a function called TalkBack. This is the text to speech function that I use to have the books read to me. One other thing you do need to do though, you need to set your screensaver or screen off to the maximum value. Unlike the iPhone that does not turn off the screen while the functionality is working, Android does. When this happens it stops reading

Use this method to get through loads of books

If, like me, you have limited time. This is a great way to get through your books. you can listen while on the move. Listen while at work or, well, anywhere. Get through plenty of books and learn loads. With the odd occasional reading yourself.

Enjoy some good books today.

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