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How my blog gets automatically backed up daily

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How can you automatically back up your website?

If you’ve just migrated your site to WordPress, are thinking about it or even have a site on WordPress, I wanted to spend a moment and talk about how you can automatically back up your website.

If there is one important thing I have learned with website and technology – backups are important. Things happen. Sites can get hacked. You can make changes to your site/theme and mess it up. data can get corrupted. Things happen, and without a backup, you can lose it all.

Backing up can take time. If you write one post a week, fortnight, months, then you may just backup that one time. Chance is though, you don’t just write that post on the day, you most likely spend the week. At that time, it may be saved in your posts on site and if the site got corrupted you would lose all that work.

I found a great solution for me

I had a site where I did several posts a day. A site where I wanted that constant backup every day. It would have been very time consuming. I like to automate these repetitive tasks, so after a little research, I found a solution.

For just a little amount (currently just $2 per month per site) ManageWP can do that daily backup for you. You can sign up for free, you can, at the moment, do 1 backup a month with this free plan. For a daily backup it’s just this small amount.

For those of you I have recently spoken too, those that are moving to WordPress or thinking about it, this is a fantastic thing to have. I have migrated my site using their tools. I have restored my site several times (after I managed to corrupt something). The daily backups I have setup go at a time I want and save off everything, posts, theme, database. All of it.

So simple to setup

It’s so simple to set up too. You simply signup. You then have to install a WordPress plugin on your site. This is where the link up from your site to the ManageWP account is. You then go to the ManageWP dashboard and setup your backup timings. There are other tools they offer too, I personally only use the backup.

The backup gets stored on their server space (or the server space they link up to), so for your $2 you get daily backups stored off site. Fantastic service.

I have 2 sites linked and for both I have used the restore. Its quick and its easy to do.

I would certainly suggest to anyone moving to, or even currently on, WordPress to check out their service. Setup those backups (even if  you only use the free 1 month backup) and feel more safe and secure in your site.

Play safe, play smart, automatically back up your website.

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