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What happened to the school summer holidays of old

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Now. I will pre-warn you. I’m going to be sounding like an old moaner in this but stay with me here. Listening to myself, I sound like one of the ‘old’ guys that I used to hear when I was a kid – though I have to think back further these days to remember that.

What happened to the old school holidays?

I saw a cartoon on Facebook a few days ago. The first image showed back, around the 1970’s – 1980’s where a mother was dragging her child back into the house from playing outside.

Then the next image showed today – a mother dragging her kid out of the house to play.

Now, I remember, barely, when I was a kid. Come the summer holiday I would run out the house at, around 9 am. I’d go round the corner to my friend’s house and we would spend most of the day out, playing in parks, over on some public county land and fields, and generally getting dirty and bruised and so on. The general things you used to do.

We used to have to be dragged back into the house. Granted, there we no gaming consoles, no tablets. There were only 3 channels on TV and no such thing as video recorders. You had to get out, otherwise, you were bored.

Cut to today

Today, we have consoles, we have on demand TV as well as other fun technology. This is fantastic. We are using it now, I’m using it to write this post and you’re using it to read. However, this has really put the ‘playing around the field’ out of our vocabulary almost.

Now, I have to say that I am a little guilty here also. I don’t expect my kids to go out unless accompanied by one of us. That is really more to do with today’s society and all the bad things we hear of… That’s for another post. (it is all about how technology has given us more of an ear to the ground).

However, I am turning over a new leaf. I am going to make sure that we get out of the house, away from technology, for part of each day. I say we – I mean my kids and wife as I have to, unfortunately, go to work most days. However, it’s the school holidays.. I have booked time off each week to spend nice, long weekends.

I’m bringing back that get out and run. Go out, play in the park, visit the beach and go for nice long country parks walks (where I grew up we had a nice woods just a few miles down the road we used to go to and make rope swings – and fall off). I want to bring back the exercise, and, least, for part of the day stay away from the tech.

Lucky place to live

Now, I have to add that we are quite lucky. I managed to move us down to the South Coast nearly 4 years ago – it’s my second time in the past 20 years living here. As we live just a few miles from beaches, forest and other great places to visit – we have quite a bit we can do.

Corfe Castle

Corfe Castle

No not that way - this way

No not that way – this way

That’s not to say that we can’t do this anywhere. I grew up in Dudley in the West Midlands. Now sea or beaches. No forest, though we had Blue Bell Woods. Just getting out for a nice walk, down the park. Kids actually playing. That’s my goal from the summer holidays.

Isle of Portland View Point

Isle of Portland View Point

Well, that and getting away to Butlins (again) in a few weeks. But that is going to be a whole other post; or three.

What are you planning?

Have you any plans or goals to get the kids active? Then why not leave a comment below.

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