First week of SEN school thoughts

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So, it’s complete. My son has done his first week at his new SEN school and I wanted to talk about my thoughts, relating them back to what I remember of my daughters first week at mainstream school.

As a quick comparison though, daughters school had around 30 children with 1 teacher and 1.5 teaching assistants (they had a floating TA). Sons school, 7 children with 1 teacher and 3 teaching assistants.

From that along you can probably feel the positives. But let’s get down to my thoughts and impressions.

Daily feedback

The biggest thing for me is the daily feedback. So, we would get the odd update from my daughters class when in reception. As there were so many children, the feedback, if any, would be limited. It would only be more if something like bumped head or arm or something.

From the SEN school, we get a daily report. Goes into things such as what snacks he ate, what he enjoyed playing with if he had a sleep (yep, they are allowed to have a sleep if needed).

As this is just the first week, I hope that as he progresses, these details will also include what he has been learning and what we can do to continue.

There is also a section for us to put notes, like, he slept badly last night or he has a dentist appointment on…

I out down this detail to the smaller class and more TAs in the class. This alone has given me a very positive feel.

Wanting us involved

Already, just a week in, we have our first feedback session. This is a coffee morning type meeting next week, just 2 weeks in.

The school gives us the opportunity to easily get involved as much as we need to. Personally, we like to have involvement but they don’t make it mandatory.

I have confidence

Just one week in and I can see our son is enjoying the school. We feel confident and we’re enjoying the feedback.

Again, we’re only 1 week in but it’s given us a concrete feeling that we chose the right place for him.

As time goes on I will put more post up like this. Posts of my thoughts and feelings, on his progression and other such stuff.

I would love to interact and talk with others, who, like us are at this same point with their kids. So please do leave any comments and thoughts below. I read them all.


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