Special Needs Toys

Finding Special Needs Toys

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Why is it so difficult to find good special needs toys? Ok, so that statement is a little broad and it is possible to find some. However, the bigger toys, toys that they have at the child development centres, they are so difficult to find in the UK.

For example…

As an example of what I mean. Our son loved the car track, I think some call it click-clack along with other names I found. Now, I could find cheaper, smaller type of versions but not the same as one used at these CDC (Child Development Center) centre.

I went looking for this, I could only find them in the US and those companies that did import and sell here in the UK wanted like £80-90. Quite an expense.

This was not the only toy, though, at least I could find this one. Things such as the beaded curtain and so on were not to be seen.

In regards to this car track, we were very lucky as we were about to order a different one that was similar and came across a slightly smaller version for a more reasonable price.

Do they hike up the price?

I do wonder if the companies who sell special needs toys hike up the price as soon as the words special needs is added? I mean, it can seem that way when we look at these companies? I’m not sure if there are more costs involved such as import prices, but it can be quite frustrating.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not moaning at the quality of the toys when we get them – It’s just the difficulty and price to get them. We don’t mind spending money on a toy we know our son will love; it’s just getting hold of them in the first place.

I’m sure we’re not the only ones

I’m quite sure that we’re not the only parents who find this problem. I have thought about putting together a list of places where toys can be bought from at reasonable prices, though this can be tricky know or find.

If any of you have any recommendations then please leave them as chat messages. Let’s all share these resources and get reasonable price toys for our kids.

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