The Start Of A Bad Month?? - 1st September 2020

Not the best title for today's post, but a truthful one at least. Saturday my wife nan, her final grandparent, went into the hospital. She had seemed quite bubbly the week before but was finding it difficult to breathe.

Now. this isn't a covid related post - she was diagnosed with pneumonia. However, they also found out that she had the big C - and quite progressive too. Cut a long story short - today at around 6am she passed. So, you can understand the title.

My own grandparents passed away quite a few years ago and so did my dad. But it can be difficult, especially when you have known them all your life and they seemed so strong (I was much younger than my wife is when mine all passed - starting at the age of 5).

It got me thinking...

Anyhow, I don't want to spend too long on the subject - but it did get me thinking. I am not going to debate religion, heaven, hell and all that. I'm not religious myself - but at the same time, I do understand those that are.

What it did get me thinking about is when they say the phrase - you see your life pass in front of your eyes - or something like that. What it got me thinking is this (existential post coming)...

How fast would this memory be passing? To the person having it - does it seem instantaneous or a lifetime to go past. We all know our brains operate at an incredible speed. See, my thought is this - if you see the entire of your life passing - would it seem to take that long to you to pass.

In reality, it may be just an instance, but to the person have that recall it could seem like years. In that case, how do we know that we are not having that now??? It may seem that we are living and in control of our life - but it could just all be recall?

Now, I'm not trying to be morbid or say that we are all having that recall - but it's just the sort of thing my brain thinks of when something like that happens?

Just think on it...

Let it sink in, mellow and just contemplate it. We honestly would not know, would we?

In other doings - little Mr ran around lots. Not so little Miss played PS and Fall Guys (I bought it on steam the other day) and I worked.

Anyhow, so ends today's lovely update for you all.

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