It's A Wet Wednesday - 23rd September 2020

It’s A Wet Wednesday – 23rd September 2020

In by Sean

Today is wet. It was raining through the night. This morning I saw 30% chance of rain… It rained… I would argue that 30% was a low estimate. When we were sorting out the school bags today we thought, coats? no coats? There was coat for little Mr.

On the downside I was hoping to take back a skirt to the uniform shop – but rain aside I had a meeting snuck into my daily just 2 minutes before it started and going beyond the time I was going to go. Now I need to try and fit in tomorrow, Friday or Saturday… We decided that the skirt we bought during the 6 weeks needs to go back for the next size up. The joy of growing kids.

I’ll be happy at new (old) place as don’t normally sneak in meetings like this.

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