Daily Diary - Can I Start This Again - 26th August 2020

Up to around just over 2 year ago I was writing a daily diary. Adding posts and notes from my daily life.

I found that it was taking away from my other posts at that time, which was a time when I was trying to add lots of content for people. Trying to share our lives, give info and help on what we had found and just try to pro-actively answer any questions others maybe looking for.

A daily diary is difficult to maintain though. Especially when you have an active little Mr that takes up a lot of your not work time. So, I decided to call it quits on daily updates.

But, could I do it again?

However, a few years down the line. Doing less updates on this site. I find myself thinking, could I share again?

With the global pandemic going on, though we’re on more of a tail end now, I think back and think there was so much I could have added.

Of course, we were also much more busy with schools out, home learning, running around after little Mr. But... there was so much.

So, I thought, should I try this again?

Not so strict a schedule though...

My thoughts are this. I want to try and do daily, even if only a few lines. However, I am not going to hold myself to a strict schedule. If there are days where I am too busy - then I won’t worry about adding content.

I want to share - but I don’t want to burn out the sharing.

Do, today I did

So, let’s start with the diary.

Like many to come, my own day begins with logging into work remotely for meetings. Though this year I have changed jobs a few times - partly due to pandemic but also now finding the right role.

My morning was full of meetings so not lot going on with family.

Lunchtime we decided to take advantage of the eat out deal going on through August and go for a nice Starbucks.

Afternoon, well, work. Little Mr was doing his usual running around while not to little Miss was doing her Roblox.... during holiday seems to have become the normal social between her and friends?

That said, with less that 2 weeks now before they head back to school. Not so little Miss is starting secondary and is going to the Grammar school where only 3 other girls (it’s an all girls school) from her school are going. None of those were in her class.

So, all her friends are going to other schools in the area - split between 2 other schools. Personally I am quite happy on that, as she needs to make friends who are more driven at school like she is. It’s tough, I changed schools myself a few times, but once settled I am sure she will make new friends.

...A few hours later!!!

Ticking on a few hours from when I last updated. I can confirm that a Starbucks was had. In fact with the eat out scheme we all had a drink, bacon roll and kiddies had cookie and chocolate coin and still very good price. I, like many, will be sad to see this scheme go.

Other than that it was just work, online Karate night for not so little Miss and then try to eat out with scheme but queue were too long to get into McD and other takeouts - so beans on toast.

All in all not a bad day. There was one nice event also - I got a offer from a place I use to be and enjoyed - and it was a good offer... Will see how that goes.

The end of a day back

So, all I have to do now is get little Mr into bed - something of a few hours. All in all, not a bad first day of diary. I do hope I can do many more again - but I will see how it goes (as I said earlier).

Hope you all had a good day too.

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