Daily Diary - 9th February 2018

Wow, wake up with an ache and a pain

Wakeup, breakfast, repeat

Today I was woken at 7:30am by my wife - little Mr and not so little Miss were having a bit of a lie in. When I woke I found that an ache I have had in my lower back for a few days had moved into my right knee.

Still, got up, limped downstairs and did the kids breakfasts. Tried sitting down, but you probably know how difficult it is to sit when you have an ache in the back. So, carried on wandering around.

When breakfast was done, kids got dressed and then it was school time. Walked down not so little Miss and in doing my ache eased a little.

Home and then docs

On the way down I phoned the doctors and arranged an appointment. Got back home, sat down for a little. Then when I got up the pain had come back.

Went to doctors and got examined - they said it was a bit of Sciatica - so, take painkillers, move around and all that. Still, good to get checked out, and if doesn't get better through the week they said to come back.

After which went home and worked from home. I didn't want to drive with an ache in the right knee. So I worked from home, took my Ibuprofen, suffered the aches there - though least most of the pain was gone with the tablets.

And then it was home time for the kids

3rd day in a row they came back with cakes. They've been having a cake sale for the last 3 days at my daughter's school - so 3 days of small cakes it was. At least they had them when got in - so no later cake eating.

We let them run it off around the house, that finished just before dinner time... They had dinner, while I continued to work - I got the quiet part, especially with my headphones on.

I finished work, came downstairs just as my wife and daughter were off to her Karate. So, I stayed and looked after little Mr. He had some more time play, then at 6:30pm I got him ready for bed. I was thinking, try and get him up close to 7pm and see what happens.

So, little Mr went to bed at 7:10pm. All good plans and so on. He finally nodded off at 8:45pm which was nice and early.

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