Daily Diary - 8th March 2018

Another early start today

5am wake up call

Little Mr woke up at 4am today. We were a little lucky as he managed to stay in bed till 5am, but at 5am I had to get up and go down. I put the TV on low and let him chill on the sofa. Then, at 6am he had his breakfast, Such an early start when he does that šŸ™‚

All I could think at the time was, I hope he goes to bed easy...

Then not so little Miss got up and had her breakfast around 7am - little Mr had a breakfast biscuit at that time too...

Work from home day

So, breakfast done. Time for school. I took little Mr to school today as I was working from home. We had a British Gas engineer coming out to look at our boiler and my wife had an interview for a small part-time job. So, good excuse to work from home really.

The gas engineer was quite quick coming out and replaced a value and few bits in our boiler. Hopefully, it will stop losing pressure now. Always happens on the colder days. That said, I had a chat with him and he was telling me that they are only now catching up with boiler repairs because of quite a few broke - frozen external condensation pipes etc.

This is down on the south coast and I know more north, today again, there was snow. I hope those that have had more have their heating up and working. We also have an electric radiator which comes in handy if problems like this.

Then it was time for my wife to go off and I had to do the school run for little Mr.

I don't normally do the school pickup

Normally I'm at work when its time for school pickup, so this is a new thing for me. Standing around at the gates... Well, I have done it in the past for my daughter, I kind of knew what to expect. Picked up little Mr and then drove home.

Straight back to work, though my wife was home when I got back so that was good. Next, she went off to get not so little Miss, she was at an after-school club.

Dinner, TV, dressed the bed

When back, it was time to start the dinner. Takes a little while so that was good. By the time it was ready I was finished with work for the day... So ate with family tonight for a change, that'sĀ the problem when I don't normally get back in time.

Next, the kids watched some of their TV, separate of courseĀ as each likes something different. It's amazing how time flies then, soon it was time for little Mr to go to bed. 7pmĀ tonight as he seemed tired after his early start. Still took him till nearly 8:30pm though to nod off.

Once he had, we sat down to catch up on some TV programs which was nice...


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