Daily Diary - 8th January 2018

It was amazing...

The kids woke up on time, ya. They didn't wake up early and get us up. The didn't pull the sheets back over themselves and try to continue sleeping. They actually woke up when we called, it was amazing...

Small victories and all that.

I did the little Mr school run

Normally, I take not so little Miss to school, but my wife wanted to do it today - so I did the little Mr school run. I normally don't as it takes longer and I have to get to work, but today, I went the back route from the school and managed to do it in good time.

Not that I was in any rush, of course. I mean, it was only on to work after. I won't bore you with the detail, so to speak.

Home time

Couldn't come soon enough, to be honest. Soon it was hometime and back to the chaos so to speak. Kid's running around, playing, shouting, arguing. Just like most work environment 🙂 ...

The problem I find is, that, at least with our kids (I'm not sure if its the same with yours), as it gets closer to bedtime they get more energetic. It must be something to do with saving up the energy to play up. To get out of bed 20,30,40 times... It's a tiring thing... Certainly, something to discuss at the sleep clinic.

Anyhow, little Mr. went to bed at 7:30pm. He suddenly turned into a tornado of giggles and energy, getting out of bed and so on.

It's amazing really, we try lots of different tactics. We try, putting him back into bed without speaking, we try the bed card, we try music, getting him to have a blast of high energy play before bed. Many things to try and tire him to goto sleep. So far - nothing works. He has so much energy; as well as ASD we think, at some point, a diagnosis of ADHD may also happen - though he isn't old enough yet.

In the end, I had to use up some of that energy and go title and play to tire him out. He finally nodded off at 9:15pm - Phew.

So, now we can relax until tomorrow game of bedtime. I'm sure many of you can relate to this fun...

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