Daily Diary 8th April 2018

Daily Diary – 8th April 2018

In by Sean

Sunday is not my favourite day, it just reminds me that tomorrow is Monday and its back to work.

Woken up way too early

As normal really, on a weekend (and week) I was woken way too early. That’s probably one of the biggest things about parenthood – the kids waking you up and no sleep in on the weekend.

Little Mr chose to sit on my legs – I suppose I am used to it now. So, when I could, I got up and made breakfast for him and coffee for me.

Turns out we had a few things to do today, well once the shops were open. So, I got little Mr ready (that is, after having my hair trimmed by my sister in law).

Off to town

We had to exchange something in town, so 10:30am we were there (well slightly after). Then it was on to find little Mr some new school shoes – we have difficulty with our kids as they follow my wide feed and high bridge. We did eventually find some.

Then it was a quick Costa

Though it went far too quick

Still, easy come, quickly go…

After that, it was some weekly shopping – picked up a nice dessert to have after dinner – yum…

Home, dinner, bath and bed

After shopping it was homeward bound. When back it was time to start dinner – a parents job is never done. Of course, the kids went into an energetic mode and made rampant around the house leaving destruction in their trail.

Little Mr’s eyes lit up when he saw it was roast dinner time – he does love his roast and he polished it all off. Not so much for not so little Miss. They both devoured the dessert though.

Once done it was bath time for little Mr. Then I took him downstairs so not so little Miss could also have a bath. She is on a Karate summer club for the next3 days – so lots of energy to burn.

Then at 8pm we thought it was time for bed. Little Mr was not happy… He had a little tantrum (at least I think it was) when he went to bed – though he eventually calmed down and nodded off at 10:15pm in the end.

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