Daily Diary - 7th March 2018

We’re getting to a 3rd through the year already

How regular are our lives

There’s a part of our life that isn’t so regular, the part that is to do with Autism. You’d think that that would be more regular for routine, but it's not regular in the sense of everyone's day - just those of us that have an autism family.

Anyhow, the regular part of my life is, wake up in the morning. Go downstairs and do the kids breakfast. Then get little Mr ready for school, walk not so little Miss to her school. These are the regular things I do each weekday morning (weekends there is no school walk).

Then off to work

The other regular, at least at the moment, the thing in my life is work. I have to go to the office after the school walk. The day sometimes goes quickly and sometimes drags. Today was in the middle really. But it went.

Home for bath time

My wife went off the little Mr’s parent evening. We did it this way as the last time, well, let's just say that we couldn’t really talk too well with both the kids there. So my wife went on her own so she could actually talk to the teacher.

I ran little Mr his bath. He likes baths but it can sometimes overstimulate him sensory wise. He likes the water running through hands etc. So, he was a little pickle in there, and even more so after his bath. After he had finished and got dressed, he decided that he was going to be spitting his juice out. He does this when he is over stimulated, so its a matter of removing all things that he can use to increase that cheeky self. By spitting out the juice it increases his sensory stimulation and makes him more excitable.

So, TV off, sensory stimulation off, quiet time. This was the call until he went to bed at 7:15pm and it took until 9pm for him to go to sleep. Time for my dinner...

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