Daily Diary - 7th January 2018


Sunday always makes me remember that, tomorrow is Monday. There’s really only one day where I truly feel free of work, Saturday. Now, Saturday you know  you have all day off, and you know that you have the next day off too. Sunday though...

Today started with little Mr coming into our room and deciding to jump on us, wake us up. So, its time to go downstairs and do breakfast then. He really is our little human alarm clock, well, apart from the fact you can’t set your wake up time - he only has the setting of early.

Off to the docs

Early was the time we did want to get up though. Not so little Miss has had a rash appear on her face and behind her ears. So, we were off to a walk-in clinic. If you don’t get there early. We arrived at 9:30am, which was an hour after it opened. I did expect it to be full already, but it was empty. I think we were just REALLY lucky. As we booked in and sat down, a few others did arrive.

We were in docs really quick, and after a quick exam of the rash, we were out again with a prescription for some cream. Nice and quick then

Not too lazy day in

Then it was home to do some cleaning, cook lunch, clean up, the usual Sunday stuff we all do. Little Mr went out for a short time with my wife.

Then, later in the afternoon, she took not so little Miss out to the disco roller skates place. Not so little Miss, as one of her Christmas presents, had some light up roller skate wheels - so she wanted to test them out.

Me and little Mr stayed in. He needed to have a sensory place and bath. I needed to write a post or two. Sunday’s are often a more boring day as so much today - though in the summer with more light we do get out more often.

He loves his sensory table he got for Christmas and just enjoys us putting in front of the TV, his program on and him making as much noise with dropping things like lego or other hard sensory items into the pots in the table. That’s just how he plays at this moment. He goes through 6 months or so with a toy then moves to another (the last one took 4 batteries and they kept running out every few days - expensive - so him playing with stuff not needing a battery is good).

Bath, chill then bed

So, bath is done. Little Mr. decided to chill for a while. Then, at 7:15pm when little Mr was seeming tired - it was time for the bedtime game and he finally went to sleep at 9:15pm. Just a few weeks now until sleep clinic...

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