Daily Diary 7th February 2018

Daily Diary – 7th February 2018

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Today was going to be a doctors visit for me.

We got woke nice and early

This morning, little Mr paid us an early visit, just to make sure we got up and did his breakfast of course. So, got out of bed about 7:30am and came downstairs. Did the kids their breakfasts. Made a cup of coffee for me and tea for the wife.

Then it was time for the kids to get ready for school. Today was a day that we had to be out on time, drop not so little Miss at school early so that I could go to the doctors for an appointment at 9:05am

I got more spray

I had to go to the doctors because for several months last year I had some nasal spray due to some inflamed bits in the top of my nose which are producing more flem. There is a name for what the problem is.

Although it is slightly easier now, its still flemmy – so to the docs and they prescribed some stronger nasal spray – O joy.

After the docs I worked from home. This gave myself and my wife the chance to go and grab a nice lunchtime coffee – just the two of us. Always nice when you get any time to ourselves.

And then it was kids home time

It was a nice afternoon, even though working. Then, my wife shot off and picked up the kids – and it was hectic time… as it is when the whirlwind of kids come home.

Stuff everywhere. Little Mr was being a right little one… drinking his juice and spitting it out. We recently got some small times, so was a timeout for 30 seconds at a time. Think he eventually didn’t like that as he had a mini-meltdown. He realised that he gets a timeout when doing naughties now.

This went on for a little while. Then it was time to get changed for bed. Tonight he went up to bed a 7pm, though it was only 8:45pm when he nodded off. What a great time to have some adult time…

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