Daily Diary - 6th May 2018

Not the best nights sleep.

Awake at 2am

Little Mr did a lot of sleeping yesterday, as ill, so it was no surprise when he woke up at 2am, to be honest. It's still a shock to the system though as we had to go downstairs and watch him. I started and then at 4am was switch over time when my wife came down.

Tiring night...

Seemed to be better

In the morning, he did seem a little better and his temp had almost gone. So, we did a few bits with the thought of getting out.

We did, around 11:30am we took them out. We treated them so a McD, little Mr just had some fries which he ate. We then went out for a drive in the New Forrest.

We did stop and attempt to go out for a bit of a walk but he wasn't up to it, so we got back in the car and carried on the scenic drive.

There was lots of traffic heading down towards Bournemouth, so we hit a little of that - though we dodged quite a bit.

Up and down

We popped into the shops on the way back to pick up some dinner stuff, he seemed to enjoy that. Then we headed home.

When we were back he played a little, then started to lay down again. He had a temp come up again so we struggled to get some Calpol in (with his spitting out).

Then an hour later he was bouncing around, eating again. Its a bit of an up and down at the moment.

We tried putting him to bed at 8pm, give him some sleep, though by this time he was getting quite active again - jumping on the bed etc. I'm sure he was in an Up stage. It too until 9:30pm for him to nod off...

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