Daily Diary – 6th March 2018

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Back into the office after 5 days out.

Hi ho, hi ho, it’s up to make breakfast I go

Up for breakfast nice and on time today. 7:30am, which means a bit of a sleep in compared to last few days. Little Mr must have been tired as he slept till then today ya.

Made breakfast, it got ate, got little Mr dressed and then off to school. I got ready myself and did the school walk.

Then it was off to the office. Today was the first day back in the office since Wednesday – I’ve had too much time at home 🙂

Work work work home

In the office, did lots of work, had some lunch, did more work then finished. That’s really about as details as I need to go. I did do a few other bits like listen to some training, but work is work and that’s enough on that subject 🙂

It’s Karate night

Wa quiet when I got home as my wife had taken not so little Miss (and little Mr) to her karate. So, I got 15 minutes peace and quiet as well as able to eat most of my dinner without little Mr trying to grab some. He likes to try and eat off others plates if its food he likes.

My wife got home and so did little Mr. He’s in a really cheeky mood today, to the point that the school even had to tell him ‘No’ which is not something they like to use. Sometimes he just gets in that time of moods that he gets too cheeky. Its really the 2’s over again.

So, we let him have a play until it was time to get ready for bed. Then I took him up at 7pm but it took till 8:45pm for him to fall asleep. When he did though we had some adult TV time ya. Amazing the small things you enjoy 🙂

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