Daily Diary - 6th February 2018

Well, Tuesday’s are better than Monday’s.

Today it was little Mr alarm clock

There we were, having a nice sleep and along comes little Mr and jumps on my legs on the bed - certainly a wake up alarm. So, after getting him to stop sitting on me - I got up and went downstairs and did the kids breakfasts. At least he went to sleep around 9pm last night so had some sleep.

When breakfast was done, the kids got changed and then it was school time.

At least today is Tuesday, which is better than Monday

Tuesday work is slightly better than Monday as you know you’re at least one day closer to the weekend 🙂  That is the way I see it as work really gets in the way of social life. I have my lottery tickets for today, though I won’t be checking them till tomorrow. I never check them on the day - not one for clock watching so to speak.

So, work was work. It was quite a busy day in the end, which is good as it means the time goes quicker. You never notice the clock when you don’t have the time too. Then it was home time - ya.

Everybody go Karate fighting (doesn’t have the same as the catchy tune)

It was one of not so little Miss’s karate nights today - so she was out which meant only little Mr to have play time with. He played his stuff, had his supper and I got him changed for bed. Then it was time for that bedtime fun. So, as my wife went out to pick up our daughter - I put little Mr to bed at 7:30pm. The fun started, for sure, and it was 9:30pm before he nodded off.

Still, a good time really as it meant lots of time to get things done and early to bed I think.

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