Daily Diary 5th May 2018

Daily Diary – 5th May 2018

In by Sean

Today has been a chill day

Woke up and found little Mr downstairs

I woke up this morning around 7am, little Mr wasn’t in his room and it was quiet downstairs. So I went down and found him asleep in the armchair with our of our throw blankets over him. He must have come down in the night, possibly played a little then nodded off.

So, made him and his sister some breakfast, but he didn’t come to eat. So, checked his temperature and he had a slight fever. Wasn’t in the red (our thermometer goes green, amber and red) but it was not a normal temp.

Got some calpol

We tried to give him some calpol but he refused. We think he’s either having a sensory thing about medicines or, more likely, last time he was ill he threw up having had medicine so now he may think that as a reaction.

So, we stuck a little into some juice and gave it to him. He had some and did start to perk up. However, it was a day of chill for him today.

My wife and not so little Miss went out for a few hours shopping and the like, we just stayed in. It was nice chilling and he was getting lots of rest.

He even ate some toast and some cereal which was good.

Stayed up a little

We let him rest on the settee until 9pm when I got a little more medicine (some that he spat out) into him. then it was time to get him up to bed – bedtime shorts and t-shirt to ensure he was cool enough.

He nodded off at 9:30pm so it didn’t take him too long..

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