Daily Diary - 5th March 2018

Little Mr decided to start playing early

Woke up and heard a familiar noise

This morning was another one of those ‘I woke up before my alarm’ days. I woke up about and hour and a half before it as it goes. Then I hear a familiar noise from downstairs - seems little Mr had woken up even earlier and decided to go down and get some play time in before breakfast.

So, downstairs I went (around 6am or just before) and settled in the chair while he played. To be honest, it was for long as he decided, as I was down, that it was breakfast time.

Breakfast made, time to relax in the chair again 🙂

Next up was my daughter about an hour and a half later. Came downstairs already dressed for school. Obviously, having those 2 days off last week was enough for her to jump into her uniform today. She had her breakfast then sat on the sofa with her tablet, watching some YouTube (as usual).

So, next task - get little Mr ready then take him to school Today I was taking him as I had today booked off to have some mom and dad time - which consists of shopping for the kids it seems.

Off to school, they go

So, I dropped off little Mr while my wife took our daughter. Then it was back home and off for a ... not so swift shopping visit. Yep, it was down to Bournemouth town to buy some bits and bobs, I do like a bit of bits and bobs.

We started off with a coffee at a fantastic little coffee shop at the top of Waterstones in the little arcade. If you've not been there since it changed from a Costa to the new place then you have to. Fantastic coffee and massive cakes. Only been there a few times but its great.

The best thing about that was, it was quiet as it was a work/school day. We were only ones if for a little while - then it started to have more people arrive just as we were finishing.

Next, it was a bit of clothes shopping. Managed to get myself a few short sleeve shirts for work. We were looking for kids clothes but... Then it was a bit of Easter shopping - we like to give the kids only 1 or 2 easter eggs, and instead of chocolate, we give little presents of one type or another. Some Easter type of craft stuff.

Makes sense instead of filling up with chocolate 🙂

A spot of lunch

As we were down there for a while, we decided on a pub lunch and a bit of quiet. We all know, as parents, how going out for a meal is a hectic time. You can never just relax and have your meal. So, we thought we'd spoil ourselves.

Funny thing was, this coffee, shopping and lunch took up most of our spare time - we spent about 4 hours in town. So it was a quick drive home, then off to the schools to pick up the kids...

I got the walk down to not so little Miss's school, probably as it was peeing it down. So, by the time I got home I was a little wet through.


The last few days, not so little Miss has been wanting to cook some brownies with my wife, so that is just what they did. After we were home, they made their mess in the kitchen and knocked up a brownie. Something, I might add here, that was going to go down a treat with ice cream after dinner.

Just to browse through this quick. Dinner was eaten. Brownies and ice cream was consumed. Next, it was playtime, and time for little Mr to tire us out.

Tonight's bedtime came at 7pm. Little Mr was almsot falling asleep in the sofa when he came home from school, probably due to his early morning. We were hoping that a early bedtime would mean he would nod off. We were wrong. He fought his tireness and it was 8pm before he finally nodded off. Still took an hour.

Once in bed we watched one TV. Nice and quiet time.

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