Daily Diary - 5th January 2018

I was not prepared for the early wake up call today. You know how it goes. You snuggled up, warm I bed. Then you son or daughter who is awake decides they want you to do their breakfast, so they make sure you wake up.

It's Friday... I could have at least slept until 7.30am? Nope, no chance.

Awake, breakfast was done and crash out in chair

So, I made little Mr his breakfast and juice, waited for him to finish, put on one of his favourite programs and I crashed out in the big armchair. With a blanket on me of course. 20 minutes power nap ?

Time for school run

Next task, as many of you also have to do. Get them ready for school. Some resistance from not so little Miss as she refused to go to sleep on time. Tiredness.

Task done. School run done. Work, arr.

Work was work

Work was work was work. You can tell that it was Friday by just one of my tweets

The day soon ended and it was time to go home.

Little Mr was full of beans

When I get home, little Mr was running around, just full of energy. Makes me wonder after a full day and school, early morning and still energised. Still, we had a little fun.

Then it was bedtime. 8:30pm today. He seemed to go to sleep a little easier tonight, well, at least that's what we first thought. In actual fact, he had been quiet for around 20 minutes and then the games began. 9:45pm before little Mr finally nodded off.

So, time to do some edits while I can...

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