Daily Diary – 5th February 2018

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Today I did not want to get up!

Late night, early morning

Little Mr did not want to go to sleep last night. I think he finally went off around midnight, I think I finally got into bed closer to 1am after all the cleaning up after him etc. Then, this morning it was up for work at 7:30am. I did not want to get up this morning, don’t think little Mr wanted to either.

Got up, went downstairs and did their breakfast. They ate it and then got ready for school. Felt rather tired, and little Mr was grump – most probably tired too. Still, after getting him ready it was time for the school runs. After taking not so little Miss in, I went off to work.

Tiring day

It was hard going, what with being tired too; but I got through it, yet another Monday. Work was work. I heard from my wife that, even though he had little sleep – his school said he was as if he had a full night – so really energetic etc.

Got home and had dinner. Not a really exciting day really. 7pm we decided to try little Mr with bed. He seemed tired but when we got him upstairs he was playing up, having his giggle meltdowns, not wanting to go to sleep. So, we just kept putting him back into his bed, hoping he will tire out. It took until 9pm for him to goto sleep, even with the short night sleep last night. Still, time for some adult quiet time… and some updates to sites.

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