Daily Diary 5th April 2018

Daily Diary – 5th April 2018

In by Sean

Little Mr was not happy…

Got woken by a miserable son

Little Mr decided to wake us up this morning. He was not happy. We’re not sure why, but it’s possible he had too early a morning or something.

So I got up, went downstairs and did his breakfast. He still wasn’t happy though. He ate it, sat down and was letting us know he wasn’t happy for sure. I put on some music for him and, eventually, he calmed down and settle watching TV.

Off to work then

One of the things about having to go to work is, when the kids are off I miss out on all the fun they have. So, I got ready and headed off to work.

Work is work as per normal. Lunchtime I had a visit from my wife and the kids. Then it was back to the office. The day was busy, but it was soon over. Thursday done, only Friday to go…

Let’s hope for bed

Got home and little Mr was having his bath. As it was around 6:20pm, I was hoping he would feel a little tired. That said, soon as he was out of the bath he was running around with lots of energy.

Took us a while, but at 8pm he went up to bed. He was asleep by 9pm which is pretty good timing for him… Ah, the weekend is almost upon us.

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