Daily Diary - 4th February 2018

Today was going to be ‘out walking day'

15 minutes sleep in

Today I got to sleep in until 7:45am again. Wow, 15 minutes extra sleep again which is kewl. It’s always nice to get some extra sleep, especially when you up late feasting on Netflix. So, get up, go downstairs and do kids breakfast. Get my coffee. Drink my coffee. Wake up.

Was another day for not so little Miss to go to Karate, was an advanced course. So, my wife took her and me and little Mr did a few things. We popped up to the shops, had a nice coffee and cookie at Waitrose. After which, we headed out for a lovely (though little chilly) walk around Upton Country Park).

Looking over the harbour bay
Looking over the harbour bay
We found a painted rock
We found a painted rock

Takeaway lunch

As lunchtime arrived quickly, me and little Mr headed over to KFC for a small snack lunch. The £1.99 snack boxes are quite good really. He loves the popcorn chicken, so great for a snack lunch on the go. They went down well - and so did my Zinger Burger.

Heard from my wife and she decided to head to KFC too - we had identical meals by the sound of it.

Needed salad

So, we went home and waited on my wife. I managed to push out a post to another site which is kewl - one of the affiliate sites I am playing and learning with.

Turns out we need salad bits. We decided to have a salad for the evening, we like salads. So when they got back we all headed back up to Waitrose (its the nearest supermarket and is walking distance). Bit expensive but got all bits we need, which was good. So, for myself and my wife it was nice fishcake with salad and for the kids, they had some nice real fish fingers. Went down well.

After which it was time for little Mr’s bath. He likes his bath, though it can get him a little energetic as it has sensory input. So, we try not to do it as the last thing before bed, otherwise, he gets a bit energetic. Bath done, it was time for some chill out time downstairs.

Being a little Mr...

Little Mr decided, today it seems, that he was going to get in mischief. Just before his bath he took a mouth full of juice and spat it out onto the floor. It's not the first time he has done this; now we get a cloth and do hand over hand to make him dry/clean it. After his bath, he continued this. So, I ended up putting some juice in a drink bottle (the sports type) and letting him have some when he was thirsty - but not letting him have it himself. It seemed to stop the spitting out for today. It’s just one more thing we have to deal with it seems.

There are a number of things that, with a 5-year-old you’d be passed with. It's just all down to his delayed learning, he’s probably going through the terrible 2’s - though been doing that probably a few years now 🙂   - it can tire but it’s just something you keep going with.

Soon it was bedtime

So, we left him playing/relaxing until 8:30pm, then it was bedtime - with the hope that he would be tired. He wasn't. It was midnight before he finally nodded off. Difficult one tonight.

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