Daily Diary – 4th December 2018

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One of those days

Today was one of those days; the kind where nobody wants to get up. Both myself and my wife had to force ourselves up. I then had to go and wake little Mr and not so little Miss. Both didn’t seem to impressed.

Once little Mr was downstairs (at which, first he walked over to sofa and buried his head I cushions) and had had his breakfast, he was more awake.

Took more of an effort with not so little Miss.

Second day back

Little Mr looked pleased when we put his uniform on, back for 2nd day of term. He seems to really enjoy school which is good.

That said, so does not so little Miss, though she takes more telling to get ready, then rushes it all in the last 10 minutes. Time keeping… Not the best at.

For me, work

For myself. After school run it was off to work. Needless to say that I won’t bore with details; besides I can’t;  it it was a regular full day in the office.

Home time

Reports from home that not so little Miss and little Mr we’re having fun when got home. They were gobbling down their dinner. I got home and it was fun time – little Mr always loves the play stuff when I get home. Though, 7:15pm and he was yawning so it was off to bed, this is where the fun started.

Bedtime fun

So, little Mr went to bed at 7:15pm. This is where he starts to play the great escape. His game is to try and sneak past me, past my little office, down stairs. He was successful a couple of times. Then came the next game, he started walking into my office room with a grin on his face and his touch sticking out.

Now, I’m not sure if this is a new thing he has discovered, if its because he was having fun or if he’s seen his sister doing in. He was having great fun running into the room with his tongue bobbing out. All I could think was ‘checking one’.

This went on and off for a hour or two until he finally went to sleep at 9:15pm. Phew – means I can get few hours to get some stuff done.

Happy day 🙂

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