Daily Diary 3rd May 2018

Daily Diary – 3rd May 2018

In by Sean

Thursday… That day before the day before the weekend.

Another day, another wake-up and not smell the coffee

We were up before the kids today, quite unusual. As usual, though, I had to make the coffee before I could spell it. So, got up, kids got up, made their breakfasts. Finally made coffee.

Then it was time for them to get ready for school. Not so little Miss had her school photo’s today so she was going into one about what to wear and what not. The fun of school.

School run done, into work

After dropped in not so little Miss I headed off to work. Of late the council have been doing lots of roadworks so there are diversions everywhere meaning more traffic. Add to that an accident and it was an interesting drive in. Turned around a few times and went a route I normally wouldn’t – but I managed to get to where I park at the usual times.

Then did that work thing all day. Just counting down those hours until the long weekend. When it was finished I walked back to the car and drove home, again through lots of diverted traffic – O the joys of work ๐Ÿ™‚

Playtime, then bed

Got back around 6:15pm and had my dinner. Next, it was time to have some interaction with little Mr. He wasn’t in the mood this evening and just wanted to do his own thing. So after being pushed away a few times, I thought I’d give him his space.

So, I let him play until 8pm at which time it was bedtime. Took until 9:30pm for the little cheeky one to go to sleep. Phew.

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