Daily Diary - 3rd March 2018

Start the day with a post...

Woke before my alarm

Today I woke up nice and early, even before my alarm went off. I heard little Mr run downstairs so I got out of bed, went downstairs and did little Mr his breakfast.

10 minutes later I got a text from my wife upstairs asking for a cup of tea. So I made a lovely cup of tea (if I say so myself) and a coffee for myself.

And then I wrote a post

So, tea delivered, coffee in hand (having also ate a bowl of porridge), I sat at my iPad Mini (with keyboard case) and banged out a post on the last few days of cold snowy weather. I just had a spare half hour or so, so thought I’d make use of the time.

Once done and posted, made myself another lovely cup of coffee.

Baking of a cake

My wife came down, then after a short time, she decided she wanted to try baking a Banana cake. The idea was to get the kids involved, but in reality, they didn't. It ended up being two of us, though when it was baked it wasn't just the two of us that ate it. O no...

Still, it went down nicely after our lunch, with a cup of coffee.

Even though the snow was melting, we didn't actually make it out of the house today. Well, other than me running down to the local shop for some bread and milk at lunchtime.

The kids had too much energy.

Come 7pm (was a lazy afternoon - my wife had a nap and so on) the kids had far too much energy. They kept wanting to have fun swinging play. Both kept trying to get me to swing them about. The most exercise I've had for ages. Completely knackered me out.

Then it was 8:40pm - not sure how that happened. So, got little Mr changed for bed and took him up.He still had far too much energy which meant he didn't go to sleep till 11.30pm. Late one tonight.

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