Daily Diary - 3rd January 2018

The first day of the new term - back to school

Today was little Mr’s first day back to school after the Christmas break. I think he was quite happy to get back, to be honest. We had no trouble getting him changed into his uniform - that's for sure. Mind you, he didn’t, at first, want to get out of bed - though I know he didn’t realise it was school time else he would have probably run downstairs.

Apparently, he had a good day, though he seemed quite hungry when he got home - to the point that he went into a mini-meltdown while waiting for food. Well, that and potentially because of the change of routine. Once eaten he was fine.

Work, work, work

For me, it was back in work again. I started back yesterday, though it makes me realise just how much I can’t get done while having work. While on holiday there was so much that I could do, things I could learn places to share. Having to work pays the bills (for the moment), but does mean I lose a big percentage of the day to share great things.

Let's see how the year progresses as it would be nice to have a little more time in the week to share great things.

Yawning nice and early

The good thing is that little Mr started yawning about 6:30pm. That means that going back to school has tired him out a little. The proof, we thought, would be when it was actually bedtime. We wondered would get to sleep early.

Although yawning, he seemed nice and calm playing and having sensory inputs on the sofa. As he hadn’t had the opportunity through the day, we let him have his playtime before bed.

And then it was bedtime

Bedtime came nice and early - we decided to try to put him to bed at 7:15pm. We wanted to see if the yawning would mean he actually nodded off. It was still 9:30pm before he nodded off though. That said, that's still about 45 mins earlier than over the holiday.

Gave myself and my wife some time to chill... and for me to do some techie stuff .. Until tomorrow.

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