Daily Diary - 3rd April 2018

Back to work it is...

Bank holiday over

Little Mr woke us up at 7am today - that's it, bank holiday is over. It was time to get up, make his and not so little Miss's breakfasts, then get ready for work *boohoo

So, showered, got ready then went back down to see how the kids were doing. They were watching a bit of TV and chilling, just the same as my wife was on the sofa. I just though, damn, I have to go to work...

Off to work I go

So, finished getting everything ready and set off to work. Lets just say it was a LONG day. I kept getting messages and images of my wife and kids doing things at home, shopping and getting out. Just made my day go slower...

Eventually the day was done and I headed off to meet my wife at my daughters Karate.

Bit of shopping and late to bed

Little Mr decided, when we popped into the supermarket, to drag us to the cafe. He wanted a cookie it seemed. Well, we had an hour to wait. He ate it so quick it was like it never even was there.

After that it was back home and little Mr playing. These later nights are possibly confusing him as he doesn't realise how late it is getting. Though, as he is on holiday we thought we'd let him play. We had a little tumble play too - he loves climbing and jumping on you.

8:30pm though it was time for bed. That said, it took him till 9:30pm to nod off. Still, that gave us a little time to chill and watch some of our TV.

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I also like to just share the positivies of life with a ASD child - to show there are many. So, please do reach out if you want to chate.

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