Daily Diary - 30th December 2017

No sleep in today

So, I think we've been spoilt over the last few days with little Mr. sleeping in till about 8 or after. Today it was back to the early starts - well, 7am really, least no wake-up calls during the night.

So, it was up and breakfast - then a chill out on the sofa until my wife and not so little Miss got up. They were more closer to the 9am mark - lazy so and so's  🙂

Wet day again

Today seems to be a Ground Hog Day (referencing the movie). It seems that in every post at the moment I say it was a wet day - and today was a little. That said, we were waiting in for a friend of my wife who was countersigning little Mr's passport renewal form.

We're preparing him for the plane - but at the same time, its been 3 years or so since last flown with him so his passport runs out next year. All change - well, kids only last 5 years or so anyhow (think mine and not so little Miss have renewals in 2019) - potentially my drivers license too as I remember last time they were close together. O no, just checked and the license is up to 2022 - because of us moving and it being update then.

So, the form was signed and updated. All ready to post today (post office closed before got there). One job done. My wife ad a good catch with her friend too, so another bonus. I even got out to get my hair cut. We didn't get up to much more though. I was thinking I would be starting my car for the first time in nearly 2 weeks - but that may have to wait until tomorrow (or New Year's day).

Little Mr did quite well with lots of people visiting that he doesn't often see. Lately, he's been a little funny when visiting (or with visitors), but today he handled it well. When he gets a little nervous he retreats to one of his safe zones, one of them being upstairs. So, he goes into our room and I put on some YouTube nursery rhyme videos which he sits, watches and does his sensory stim (involves dropping things through his fingers). Doing this puts him back in a calm mood and after a while, he comes back downstairs.

It's always important to know how or why he does what he does so that we can help direct or help him in these needs.

Copy and play

Towards the end of the evening, little Mr. started to follow me around the house. We went upstairs, into all the rooms, back down, into all the room, upstairs, downstairs, upstairs, downstairs and so on. Kind of like a follow the leader. He was replicating what I do, which is a great sign of play. He even leads for a while, making sure I was following him of course.

This, to us, was a very positive point and action. He was playing through copying what I did and then was even leading the play. Although, certainly was tiring - think I worked off all my day's food.

Finally, bedtime for the kids

Finally it was bedtime - little Mr went up at 8pm and it only took until 9:30pm to get him to sleep. This is about half the time as normal. Not so little Miss was in her room, hiding with the TV on of course. Was after 9:30pm that she went. The great thing was, it gave me and the wife time to sit down, me to have a beer (something I do very rarely) and watch Bad Santa 2 on Prime.

Today was a good day.

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