Daily Diary - 30th April 2018

Little Mr did not want to get up this morning...

Monday morning, that stay in bed feeling

Work up at 7am and really didn't want to get up. Not so little Miss was already downstairs watching TV.

Little Mr certainly didn't want to wake up as he just kept pulling the blanket back over himself. There came a time, about 7:45am, when we had to get him up.

So up he got, breakfast ate and then I dropped him into school today.

Off to work

Having worked hours yesterday, and a few Saturday, going into work today was difficult. It had to be done though. The day went quite quickly really, and then it was home time.

Once home it was dinner, then off shopping for some food items. Little Mr was excited to go out, even though after 6pm. He was certainly a good boy when going around the supermarket - which he is on occasion.

So, he and not so little Miss had a little reward supper item. Then we let them have 30 minutes once back, to chill out.

Off to bed

Then at just after 8pm I took little Mr to bed. He seemed tired and didn't complain. He stayed in bed and was asleep in around 20 minutes. Gave us some time to chill out ourselves in the end.

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