Daily Diary - 2nd May 2018

Doctors this morning.

Feeling a bit tired

Today I woke up feeling a little bit more tired than normal. Just think it's one of those mornings where you really don't want to get up. However, with both kids looking for breakfast, I pulled myself out of bed and went downstairs.

They were all in a happy mood today.

Phone the docs...

I decided that it was time to re-visit the doctors about my sinus problems. 8 months of steroid sprays had not worked and were leaving my nose a little sore. So, I phoned, made the appointment and then took little Mr to school.

My appointment was at 10:20am (work was not happy but my health comes first). So, after betting back, I logged on and did a little, then shot up to the docs. Once saw I came away with a months worth of tablets to try. Apparently, if these don't work then there are some other tablets the usually give as part of asthma treatment that they can try

Off to the office

So, got home, had lunch then went into the office - to make myself seen. Once there I did the work thing... Did it for around 4 and half hours and then headed back home again.

My wife was off out tonight, so when I got back, she got ready and went. Bath night for little Mr - so that was fun... Not so little Miss has school photos in the morning - so she wants to shower before school and not jump in the bath. Either way, no stress on my time.

Chill then bed

After the bath, little Mr played, this was to let him chill down a little as baths always excite him up. I let him play till 8:30pm (so an hour to chill after his bath) before I took him up to bed.

After a little silly play, he was asleep by 9:15pm. Bit of quiet time for me after ya 🙂

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