Daily Diary 2nd March 2018

Daily Diary – 2nd March 2018

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Working from home again.

A snowy breakfast

We got to sleep in by about 20 minutes today. Any sleep in is good I like to say, but eventually had to get up and go downstairs and do little Mr.’s breakfast. So, 7:40am dragged myself up as little Mr ran downstairs.

Did his cereal, opened the curtains and looked out at the snow-covered ground, which was a little more frozen and crunchy today. I checked my phone and saw work had sent out a message to say work from home if possible – no telling me twice 🙂

Just to get an idea of how frozen it was, look at our frosted glass window – this is not a frosted glass window, rather a frost and ice on the glass of our bedroom window.

I do like working from home

To be fair, they get a better deal in length of time I work when working from home. I tend to be logged on that little bit longer.

So, today I went up to my little office room, which is a little darker as the skylight (which is the only window in the room) was covered in frozen over snow. Meant that little light was getting through. I saw emails coming in from other team members who were also working from home.

One of the 2 people that actually went into the office posted a photo – there were just 2 in and the office looked very empty.

Lunchtime coffee

We decided to get out up to the local Waitrose at lunchtime – we needed some cereal and some other bit and though, if the cafe is open we can have a quick one. Well, walking up the road there were about 75% of the shops open. The small coffee shop we liked wasn’t.

We got to Waitrose and saw a few people sitting in the cafe and we thought ya. However, the cafe was actually closed and people were drinking their takeaway cups… So, we did our shopping, picked up cookies for the kids, paid, got the free takeaway coffee and finally sat down in the cafe so that they can eat their cookies.

We then walked back. I didn’t mention the fun or walking up and then back again. There was some snow but a lot of frozen stuff. Fun underfoot.

Back home for work

I got home in time for some phone meetings. So, locked myself up in the darker room and did those meetings. Stayed there for the afternoon until 5:30pm when  I finally emerged – to the fun downstairs. Had some dinner, which was nice and couldn’t relax with the kids going cabin crazy 🙂

Work finished and it was time to do the kids their baths. Our boiler has decided to play up today so I have re-pressurised it every 4 hours or so – engineer booked for Wednesday earliest. So, heating and water still working at the moment as long as I top up the pressure – which is good as it’s in the cold snap.

Still, the bath was done for little Mr., then refilled for not so little Miss. Dressed and ready for bed. He went to bed at 8:30pm. He wasn’t too bad, though it still took him to 10pm to go to sleep. Time for a bit of Flippa I think.

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