Daily Diary 2nd January 2018

Daily Diary – 2nd January 2018

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Back to the grind

So, today was the first day back at school for not so little Miss, and the first day back to work for me. Its always difficult going back to something like work, when you’ve just had a week or more off (think it was around 12 days in a row).

So, it was, the alarm goes off, get out of bed, get kids up, do breakfast, shower, get ready… etc etc. I did think that little Mr found it strange that his sister was getting ready and he wasn’t. I think he got a little frustrated as he wanted to go back to school too. Tomorrow for that.

Fast forward a few hours

So, not so little Miss went to school. I went to work. then a few hours later, we had a call from her school saying that their power was down and they could not get it back up – so could we go down and pick up our children. So, first day back of 2018 and issues 🙂

It just so happened that this call came in as we were having a new oven fitted – and of course, I was in the office. So, ended up coming to work from home in the afternoon so that we could get everything done that we had planned.

Cutting little Mr’s hair

So, many children (I won’t say all as that may not be true) who have ASD have an issue with having their hair cut. I did a post a while ago which linked to a video of a barber in the, more north of the UK that had a special knack. However, we found that little Mr really doesn’t like his haircut.

Generally, his aunt gets the trimmer out – but the last few times he saw her, he was crying and warey and had issue. So, today, we tackled the situation and while I held and calmed little Mr – my wife trimmed his hair down. Yes, it took a while, and there were some tears – but it had got to a stage where it was quite long – and, to be honest, it didn’t take too long, and it looks much better.

I think, many parents who have the same issue know how bad it can get. It’s not safe for hairdressers to be doing it with scissors – so its something we have to tackle. Its also better it being someone he knows over someone he doesn’t.

Hair short now. Lets hope we can keep it that way.

Dinner, bath and bed

Dinner went well. We got to test out the new over fitted today. Not bad, it cooked which is the most important aspect. That said, I did manage to burn myself.

Next it was bath time for little Mr. This all started well, he seemed a little wary of us – because of his haircut earlier. Once in the bath, he seemed ok. That is, until it was time to wash his hair. Although he tolerated it, he started to have a little meltdown. So, it was wash over, out of the back and dry time.

Once dressed though, this became a full meltdown situation. We had dried and dressed him and put him to bed when he started his crying and screaming and kicking off. Full meltdown as you can imagine. This went on for a little time. He calmed a little so we allowed him to move downstair, to see if this helped calm too.

He still continued but it was calming down. Probably a combination of being tired plus us cutting his hair. To be expected really, he didn’t like that and it has all built up.

Eventually he calmed down ( with the help of a easy peel orange and time) and we were hoping sleep would come soon.

The calm after the storm

So, it was around 7:30pm that he calmed down and we where hoping he would be tired enough to goto sleep…

However, it was around 10:30pm before we finally had him asleep. Tomorrow, he’s back to school too…

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