Daily Diary – 29th January 2018

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Monday morning – didn’t want to get up today!

Almost the end of January

29th January today, almost the end of January – almost the end of that first month of the new year. Motoring away towards Spring and Summer… Ya…

I don’t think anyone wanted to get up this morning. Eventually, about 7:40am, little Mr came into our room to get me up for his breakfast. So, crawled out of bed as it was really time to get up, I think we all felt the same on the not wanting to get up this morning. Walked downstairs and made the breakfast – well poured the cereal into the bowl. After that it was coffee and Bing! awake and away we went.

Little Mr didn’t need anything like that though, he’s always Mr energy bunny.

Breakfast finished, time for school uniforms

Little Mr was on a high running around – to the point he was escaping instead of getting school uniform on. Don’t get me wrong, he loves school – he drags you from the car to the gate when you take him. He just like making you work for it. It ensures he’s just out of your reach. Finally caught him on the game of chase and got him changed and ready. Not so little Miss actually got changed before she came down – normally your sending her back to her room to get changed.

Then it was  time for school – ya – and time for work – boo.

So, off to work I went after the school walk – and thats all I have to say about that.

Where does all this energy come from

Got home from work and little Mr was still full of energy. It can be so tiring trying to keep up. So, it was time to try and tire him out with a game or 10. That’s usually catch as he tries to run past me. He likes to run rings round you, then gets caught and tickled. He loves the catch and that sort of play.

Then it was time for bed. It may have been a wild hope, but we put little Mr up to bed at 7:45pm and he finally nodded off at 9:45pm, so early enough to have a bit of adult TV time.

Tomorrow we are off tot he sleep clinic, so that maybe something interesting to talk about…

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