Daily Diary 28th March 2018

Daily Diary – 28th March 2018

In by Sean

Wednesday – hump day

All about the wake up

Today it was all about the wake up, how later it was. We rushed up, did breakfasts, got dressed and amazingly got out on time. It’s amazing how you can do it when you put your mind to it.

Little Mr was in a happy mood, even with the rushing about – and so he went off. All we are thinking is that tomorrow is his last day for 2 weeks so that should be fun… not looking forward to routine change with summer holidays.

Got to work and forgot something in the car

Dropped not so little Miss off at school, walked back up to the house and jumped in the car. I drove to where I park, 20 mins from the office, and walked in through the horrid weather. I got into the office and found I had left something in the car – Doh.

Luckily it was something I could do without for an hour or two so I didn’t have to go straight out again. I did that at lunchtime – least I worked off my lunch with the few miles of walking.

Soon it was sometime – well in this post, it wasn’t so short in real life 🙂

Home for dinner and bath night

Got home and dinner was waiting – Yum. While I was eating little Mr was having fun in the bath. He enjoys his baths but it usually leaves him excited and over stimulated. He loves water.

So, when finished he got dressed and came back downstairs. It was 8pm when he went up to bed and took until 9:30pm before he nodded off. So tired it was relax time for bed.

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