Daily Diary - 27th February 2018

Today is the day for my car service… and work from home

Not sure why I woke up?

This morning was one of those mornings where you wake up early and are not sure why. I woke up probably about 4am the first time, then proceeded to continue waking up every 20-30 minutes until I finally got out of bed at 7am. As I got up, so did the kids (just had the bagpus song go round in my head).

Today I could have stayed a little later in bed as I was working from home… nah - kids wouldn’t let me. Anyhow, did their breakfasts and then got them ready for school. Today I was taking little Mr to school. This is because the garage my car was going to was just down the road. So, off we went on the school drive. Funny thing was, traffic was light today.

So, dropped off little Mr, dropped off the car, then it was off home for working. Always fun working from home.

Nice coffee lunch

So, lunchtime came around and because I was working from home it gave us the chance to go up to a local coffee shop. It’s one of those bohemian independent coffee shops where you can get a nice coffee (or some other great drink) and a piece of lovely homemade cake. It’s was brilliant. It was really really tasty.It’s also not that often that we get a bit of kid-free time to just enjoy it.

After that, it was back home and back to work. Few calls later it was time to pick up the car. Always fun handing over a few hundred pounds to a garage after they change your filters and oil. Still, all good for another year now. Kid were home when I got back - you can always tell as the noise level goes up x10. Little Mr running around, not so little Miss on her tablet with the volume all the way up. There went the piece 🙂

Karate night

It being Tuesday today, it was karate day. Today I took not so little Miss to her lesson. There’s another cost - just happened to be a day to pay for the 2 months of training. Still, it's a great skill to have - especially in today society.

Dropped off then home for dinner. I would say relaxing but little Mr was doing his impression of the energy bunny. Got him changed then went off to get not so little Miss from karate.

When I got back I put little Mr to bed at 8:15pm - time for the bedtime game. Took him till 9.00pm which isn't so bad. Means I have time to catch up on some TV, well Netflix.


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