Daily Diary - 27th December 2017

Today my update will probably be quite a boring one to read - just warning you up front. 🙂 We've not really been up to much today apart from a bit of cleaning and shopping.

Breakfast and cleaning

We did get to sleep in a little today - got around 8 hours sleep which is unusual. Then it was up and breakfast for the kids, the usual routine.

Showers, baths (in not so little Miss's case) followed by me cleaning the bathroom. All pretty boring stuff really, but the stuff we have to all do.

A snack lunch and then out

We then had a snack lunch, just a few nibbles, pizza and all that kind of stuff. Lunch done, cleaning done, time to go out and hit a few shops, see if could grab a few bits.

I did manage to pick up some wellies, so that will come in handy on our muddy walks. We also found that they now do Costa coffee in The Range.

I won't bore you with every little shop we went in and all the bits we bought. We did manage to get a few bits. All the time, little Mr was being good, though a little cheeky. Towards the end, they cheeky turned into him spitting - which was a no-no. Its always difficult to explain why no spitting, so it really is as simple as spitting finished.

Back home and pie face

So, we got back home and I setup PieFace Sky High which is something not so little Miss had for Christmas. All was going well until some of the cream didn't come off when it was my wife's turn. So, not so little Miss decided to start throwing the cream around - another no-no as it was all over the place.

The game finished at that point, we have to draw a line when it gets silly so a telling off of why we don't throw cream and stuff around, game packed and a meltdown from her later... This relates to some of the things spotted for potential diagnosis - if you read my post on that, possible ADHD.

End of the day, rules are rules, start doing silly things because of getting overstimulated, then we have to take that situation away. Remove the item over stimulating, make it through that meltdown and then try the game again tomorrow to see if something learned.

Then it was bedtime

Little Mr. started to seem tired around 7pm, so we tried him with bedtime. The next hour or two was the usual routine until he fell asleep at 9:30pm which was earlier than some. That gave me time to pop out for a cheeky takeaway seeing that myself and my wife hadn't eaten yet.

Time for some rest, get prepared for tomorrow and hopefully have a nice restful, and joyous day.

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