Daily Diary 27th April 2018

Daily Diary – 27th April 2018

In by Sean

Woke up by little Mr for breakfast.

Slept downstairs

My sister-in-law stayed over, visiting, so I slept downstairs and let my wife and her sister have the bed. It’s easier then if little Mr wakes up and goes downstairs. It’s not the easiest to nod off, but when I do I’m usually out until morning.

As it was, little Mr came down around 7am and tapped on my head for breakfast. Then everyone else started to get up.

Once everyone had had breakfast, got little Mr ready for school and off he went with my wife and her sister. I walked not so little Miss to school then headed to work.

Work was quick, then home

Work went quite quick today really. I won’t go into my work details as I don’t want to bore you. Soon it was time to go home, ya…

Late to bed

My wife had dropped on not so little Miss at Karate when I got back, so it was just little Mr running around. He stopped and sat watching Night Garden while we chilled. Then at 7:30pm my wife went to pick up not so little Miss while I ordered us a nice takeout. I added extra poppadoms and chips as I knew they would be trying to get hold of some.

Was a nice, but spicy dinner. Then, it was a late to bed for little Mr at 9:15pm. It only took him about 20 minutes to go to sleep though, so that was good. Some time to sit and relax.

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