Daily Diary - 26th February 2018

Monday’s...what more can I say

I didn’t want to get up today

Early morning starts on a Monday.. Well, its so difficult to get up knowing its the beginning of the week. That said, I don’t really have a choice with little Mr. Jumping on the bed just to make sure I wake up.

So, got out of bed. Wandered downstairs, Did breakfast for little Mr, who decided to be a little rascal. He ate his breakfast then decided to tip over his juice so he could play.

Cleaned up and got him changed. Monday morning work started 🙂

School walk and work

So, kids ready for school and time for the school walk. Always fun that school walk. Once back I headed into the office... Work, on a Monday. All I can think of is, why's it not Friday. Still, I knew that I am working from home tomorrow as my car is in for a service.

While at work I did work stuff. Then it was time to go home, ya. On the way back I saw some fantastic colours in the sky - must be something to do with this cold front coming in.

I continued on my walk to my car and drove home - it was a little darker today and there were flakes of snow - only very few though and at the moment they were not sticking.

Got home, had dinner and play time.

And then it was the bedtime game show

So, 7:30pm came and we thought it was time for little Mr to go to bed. Time for the game time. He wasn't too bad again tonight, although not straight off to sleep he pretty much stayed in his room until he nodded off at 8:50pm. Ya.

Another night with a few hours adult quiet time.

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