Daily Diary 26th April 2018

Daily Diary – 26th April 2018

In by Sean

Wow, out the night before and difficult to get up

Wake, wake wake

So, it started about 2:30am when little Mr first got up. I had been out last night (why no blog post) and so was a little tired – always drains me going out.

So, crawled downstairs in that semi-awake state, then led him back to his bed. We think he was awake till going on 4am – so at 7am this morning he was still asleep in his bed.

Like a teenager, he had pulled the blanket over his head and was hiding out. Eventually, we got him to get up around 7:30am with the promise of breakfast – he seemed very cheery and cheeky.

Then it was dressed and go too school.

Of to work…

I dropped in not so little Miss and headed into work. It went quite quick today to be honest, with just a few small minor drag parts.

But soon it was time to go home.

Wife’s turn to go out

My sister in law had come to visit, so my wife and her sister went out tonight (well, as I was out last night). This left me to sort out both of the kids.

Little Mr played and watched a bit of TV. Then it was time for bed at 8pm for him. Took him an hour to nod off. Then it was time to watch a new Netflix show.. ya.. one way to chill down from a busy day.

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