Daily Diary - 25th March 2018

Did I loose that hour down the back of the sofa?

Not the best start

Sunday… A good day off, though not my favourite as I know its work tomorrow. That said, this morning I had a little bit of work to do. So, that was the first thing, but then I lost an hour.. Well, the whole of the UK lost that hour too, not the best time shift for us.

So, got up, did the kids breakfast and then went to log onto work. Spent from 9am till 10:30am doing that… Once finished though it started to be good. Had a little play time with the kids, then did some lunch.

Out for a walk

When lunch was finished and washed up, we decided to head out for a bit - while the weather was nice. We actually went down to Sandbanks - they have a little park for the kids to play in first, then the beach to walk along. I do love the walking along the beach on days like today. It was very pleasant and walk, but at the same time as it’s a quiet time of the year - the beach was quiet.

After our walk, we went and had an ice cream which was nice. We do love sitting on a bench, near the beach and the sea. Kid’s love it too.

Shopping for dinner

When done with the beach we ran out to the supermarket. The kids don’t always enjoy this, especially little Mr. That is unless we goto the cafe. We didn’t today so that was fun. We managed to get finished in there in time to go home and then do their dinners.  Little Mr seems to just want to eat at the moment, not sure if he going through a growth spurt.

He ate dinner, then wanted more. Then he had a bath and came down looking for even more. Sometimes we’re not sure if he is eating for comfort or boredom - or if it really is because he is hungry.

As the evening went on though he started to get a little silly. His sister was watching some YouTube and he was just being disruptive and destructive. So, come 8pm (what would have been 7pm) it was time for bed.

It was 9:15pm when he finally nodded off. time to watch some adult tv - ex on the beach time.

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