Daily Diary – 25th January 2018

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It seems that, at the moment, I write another sleepless night. Last night was a sleepless’ish night…

Sleeping in the armchair and up early

Not so little Miss was still a little unwell with a temperature last night, so she wanted to sleep downstairs again – and of course, I was in the armchair. It’s the 3rd time this week really so you would think I was used to it…

This meant that I was woken a few times through the night with little Mr coming down around 7am for his breakfast. Breakfast was good and he was dressed for school quick – not so little Miss still had a temperature so another day off.

The difference was that I decided to work from home today as I was so tired.

I took little Mr to school today, may even do tomorrow as I have tomorrow booked off.

Working from home is great

Working from home is great – even more so when both of our kids are at school and the house is quiet. Today, not so little Miss did spend some time in her room watching TV and resting, so that was good. I was able to get a little bit done and even look at some other bits. It was a good day.

Little Mr got back after school and he came to say hi in his own way.

We had fart food

Today was a quick dinner beans on toast for a change. Kiddies are having some McD tomorrow as myself and the wife are supposed to be going out. My wife sister is coming over to look after the kids for the night and we were supposed to go out to celebrate. We’re going to see how kids are now tomorrow. As they are supposed to have some junkier food tomorrow – that’s why the beans tonight. I’m just hoping the house stays less fart smelly.

It quickly moved on in time and soon it was time for little Mr to go to bed. We let him stay up until 8:30pm with the hope that this would tire him out – though it was still 10pm before he finally went to sleep. This gave me time to continue on my new project – a new affiliate site I am working on called Starting Student Life

This is still very much in the early stages, its based on US prices, but I am getting to play with Genesis Framework and EasyAzon to build (with Beaver Builder Lite as my designer). All fun technology to learn.

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