Daily Diary – 25th December 2017

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Merry Christmas everyone

Well, the day is almost done to be honest, but heres a Merry Christmas to everyone.Todays been a long day of course, Christmas day usually is. It’s a, get up early with the kids, clean up the wrapping paper, do all the cooking of breakfast, play some games with the kids, do the Christmas lunch, go out for a walk, do stacks… Its a long day , but a great day.

It started with presents and croissant

So, after being woke up at 7’ish by the kids – we came downstairs, coffee on. Not so little Miss was eager to start ripping off the wrapping paper – so was moaning away at us until we had coffee in hand. The actual presents lasted less than 10 minute – well not so little Miss’s anyhow. Little Mr. was a little more unsure, he did look at some presents, did pull some of the wrapping paper off – but a majority of it was helped by no so little Miss.

That said, this year little Mr. handled the day quite well. Christmas day can be so difficult. There are so many changes. The front room changes. The dining table changes (with crackers etc). The routing changes.Previous years have been more difficult, but this year it went quite well.

I think he was happier as soon as we got the breakfast out – although he didn’t want the croissant, he wanted his normal cereal – well, thats the routine. So, presents done, breakfast eaten…

I got some headphones

That said, I knew what my present was as I bought it 🙂 Nice black Friday deal of some G933 headphones. My desktop means I have no wires getting stuck under my chair. I was always getting trapped…

Christmas dinner went down well

The one thing that little Mr loves is a good roast dinner – so Christmas day dinner went down a treat. Of course, it took mea few hours to cook it – against, the slaving of a parent. The pleasure the kids have with it is good though, worth the work. Even if it only lasts about 10 minutes (5 minutes for little Mr.). Things such as a roast dinner on a day we don’t normally have one is a break of routine that doesn’t bother him – but the change of the table can be issues. Its the little things we deal with – and of course to remedy them we try to limit the change. Which gas been the theme of the whole holiday. Next year we’re away so that should be interesting  🙂

Next it was out for a walk

After dinner, we went out for a walk in the new forest. It was a little later in the afternoon, a little windy and damp, but was well received by both little Mr and not so little Miss. They really enjoyed the walk. We always like to get out on Christmas day afternoon to walk after the big lunch. Works it off a little and clears out the cobwebs…

Its getting dark

We were hoping the walk would tire out little Mr

One of the reasons we went out for a nice walk was to try and tire them out. Of course, little Mr (and not so little Miss) weren’t tired from the walk – best laid plans 🙂

9pm we finally got him upstairs.. though sleep didn’t happen until 10:15pm. That said, the later to bed did mean I had less going in to the bedroom and putting him back in bed. Not so little Miss was more of an issue with not sleeping.

Once asleep I managed to catch up on Doctor Who, on catchup up. I don’t get to watch much live TV, so catchup is a fantastic thing.

Tomorrow is yet another busy day with visiting of relatives. So, lets see what that can bring…

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