Daily Diary - 24th January 2018

Today started at 4:30am. Yesterday not so little Miss had a sore throat. She went to bed as normal but woke several times during the night. In the end, we got up and went downstairs.

Another half of a night sleeping in the armchair downstairs - the things we do for our kids 🙂

Breakfast time

Although not so little Miss did have a small bowl of cereal at around 6am, little Mr came downstairs for his are around 7am - his average time. I think he was a little confused to see me downstairs again. Twice this week. Anyhow, he came down, grabbed my hand and pulled me up.

Breakfast done... Time to get dressed for school, well for little Mr. Not so little Miss was having a day off having been awake most of the night. For her it was a doctors appointment and a day off school.

Little Mr was off to school, doctors was booked and i went off to work.

While at work I had another idea

My brain is always so active, constantly working out variables. So, while working I had an idea.. Another idea.. Something I am starting to work on, on the side. So, I had a name in mind, something to register.

When I got home, I registered a new domain. More new ideas and technology - just something to do through the month of dark evenings, before the sun comes out and we can do evening walks.

Little Mr the energy bunny

Little Mr was running around when I got home. He did do something new though... Not so little Miss was throwing little Mr a ball and he was catching it. This is the first time we've seen him play catch, normally he just lets it fall to the floor. He's learning so much now he's in school.

Soon it was time for a bath to try and settle him. He loves his baths, though he never does seem to calm. Then it was time for bed.

Time for bed was 7:30pm tonight. As every night, he was running in and out, up and down. Bouncing on the bed. Took till 9:30pm to get him to sleep. Time for an hour or two adult time... and to work on one of the pages for my new site 🙂


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